Stitcher beta 2 2017-08-27

The second beta release of Stitcher ties a lot of loose ends together, getting ready for real production sites.


composer require pageon/stitcher-core @beta


Note the a few config parameters are changed. These changes might fall under the category "breaking", but were really needed in order to get a more consistent API, before a real 1.0.0 release comes along.

  • Add Parsedown extension to support classes on <pre> tags in fenced code blocks.
  • Disable directory listing via .htaccess.
  • Add redirect.www and redirect.https options. Allowing to automatically redirect non-www to www, and http to https.
  • Add redirect option in site config files to make a route redirect to another page.
  • Use pageon/html-meta ^2.0 from now on. Lots of tweaks to social meta tags were added.
  • Add async option which, when ext-pcntl is installed, will enable asynchronous page rendering.
  • Add Parsedown extension to support target="_blank" links by prefixing the URL with *.
  • Add sitemap.xml support. When setting the sitemap.url variable, a sitemap.xml will be generated.
  • Fix bug with Collection Adapters not copying meta tags from the base page for its sub-pages.
  • Add responsive images support to markdown parser.
  • The following config parameters are changed (#2):
    • caches.cdn becomes cache.cdn.
    • caches.image becomes cache.images.
    • directories.htaccess is removed.
    • minify becomes engines.minifier
  • Support multiple extensions per template engine (#7).
  • Support nested conditions in the filter adapter (#1).
  • Remove unused eninges.async option.