Extending Stitcher

Stitcher offers a very simple, yet very powerful plugin system. Plugins are little programs added to Stitcher, so you'll need to understand PHP. Furthermore, knowledge of the Symfony Dependency Injection Component is also required.

What is a plugin

A Stitcher Plugin can add behaviour, or modify existing behaviour of the Stitcher core. A few examples:

When writing plugins, it's recommended to follow the existing conventions used in the core. Take a look at the source code to get familiar with the core.

Stitcher is built on top of Symfony components and PSR guidelines. So everything you need to know about a clean and good codebase can be found within those communities.

Stitcher's internals

On the rest of this page, you'll find a summary of Stitcher's internal concepts. These can help you hook into the right classes.

Services and config

Stitcher is built on top of Symfony's service container. Stitcher bootstrap phase is done in the Brendt\Stitcher\App class. This class will load config files and build the container, including plugins.


Adapter classes live in the Brendt\Stitcher\Adapter namespace, and can dynamically be added to the adapter factory: Brendt\Stitcher\Factory\AdapterFactory.


Variable parsers, or parsers for short, are used to parse data types into real values.

Application and commands

Stitcher adds a few different applications out of the box: the console application and the developer controller. Commands are added via the service container to the Console application.


Stitcher has built in event support, using the Symfony's Event Manager. There aren't a lot of registered events yet though, this will be improved in the future. Events can be used to hook into the running flow of a Stitcher application.


The Brendt\Stitcher\Template namespace holds first of all the TemplatePlugin class, which adds all kind of functionality to the template engines. It's one of the oldest parts of Stitcher though, and could use some love. You'll also find the Smarty and Twig implementations in this namespace.


Stitcher uses a few factories to get the right things, eg. adapters or parsers. These factories can be extended by added your own logic to them.